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Bart Kuykens | One of a kind


Director: Lukas Tielke
DoP: Severin Strauss
Production: peoplegrapher GmbH
Producer: Mira Harnischmacher, Jack Gregory Donald
Words: Viola Donald
Score & Sounddesign: Moritz Staub

Format: Canon Scoopic 16ms , Kodak 16mm Double X Black & White Negative


Sequenz 07.00_00_00_14.Standbild001.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_03_02.Standbild002.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_28_16.Standbild008.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_07_15.Standbild004.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_05_23.Standbild003.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_21_04.Standbild006.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_11_17.Standbild005.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_32_02.Standbild009.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_38_02.Standbild010.jpg
Sequenz 07.00_00_50_22.Standbild012.jpg
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