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Red Bull "Devil's Voice"


Director: Gerrit Piechowski
DoP: Severin Strauss
Producer: Benjamin Markstein
Production: Modest Department

1st AC: Fabian Weigele

Format: Red Epic Dragon | Red Scarlet - W , Hawk V-Lite


Sequenz 03.00_00_10_07.Standbild034.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_00_16_00.Standbild035.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_00_19_21.Standbild036.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_00_26_03.Standbild037.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_01_16_04.Standbild039.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_02_05_19.Standbild041.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_01_03_07.Standbild038.jpg
Sequenz 03.00_02_32_16.Standbild042.jpg
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